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Why Do Words Hurt So Much? A Form of Bullying

Do you remember that little ditty from when you were a kid? You know, it went something like this: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Yeah, there you go. You sang it in your head, didn’t you? I wonder who came up with that saying? I bet it was someone who was picked on and that was their way of trying to cope. Once in junior high a kid asked me to take off my glasses and then he waved his hand in front of my face and said “Can you see me?” (We’ll duh. I wasn’t blind I thought to myself).
A few years later after I graduated high school a friend’s sister told me that my nose was so big that a G.I. Joe could jump off it! LOL. Bless her heart. She was like 5. Words can hurt. People can be mean. I was in the band and I played the clarinet. I had glasses and I was short. I was shy and I was not popular. I was called names like Nerd, Geek, and Dork. Nerd was my LEAST favorite name. I remember as a young adult how upset I would get, even years later, every time someone called me “Nerd”… even though they always said they were just “joking”. Something about me made them think of that specific word. Eventually I got a little tougher and stopped caring so much what others said about me. I found my identity and who I was and embraced my uniqueness. But it wasn’t easy.
So many mean things are said to us throughout our life. Someone saying some mean words to you can be a form of bullying. Especially in our younger years. Junior high and high school can be brutal. Each of us copes with it in our own way. There are ways to prevent bullying, but let’s focus on your feelings and how you deal with them, then you’re in a better position to tackle the big issue (of bullies). So, when it comes to how you handle hurtful words, remember these few tips:
1) Admit to yourself that words can hurt.
2) Remember that there are only a few people in your life whose opinion should matter. Talk with them about your feelings.
3) If what someone says about you is true and you don’t like that truth, then change that about yourself (to an extent).
4) If it’s not true, then it shouldn’t bother you.
5) If you don’t care if it’s true, then don’t worry about it.
6) Be yourself!
Is this an all-inclusive list? Of course not. All that wouldn’t fit into a single blog post. This is just the start. No one said this life would be easy. Words can hurt. Always remember that God has made you in His image. You are special and perfect in His eyes. Never forget that!
What words hurt you? How did you handle it?

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