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The Dangers of Loyalty

Brand Loyalty
I am the most loyalist person I know. Is that even a word, loyalist? It is now! When I find something that I like, I am so loyal I seem to forget all the laws of logic. Mr. Spock (Star Trek) would be disappointed in this Trekkie! Now, of course, not all loyalty is bad and being loyal to something or someone can be very logical. Such as to God, your spouse, and your kids, just to name a few. But what about having loyalty to other things, things that will cost you money if you stick with them. Such as to a certain company, brand, or product. How about something as simple as a basic store rewards card (not a credit card) for a certain company. I used to buy so many items from a specific store because I got the reward points. But I didn’t get actual cash back? Oh-No. I was privileged to receive a store discount (it was a dollar amount and not a percentage). So each dollar I spent at that store would count for a certain number of points. Once I accumulated so many points I would get the discount. Sounds like a good deal. Save money on items I would have probably bought anyways…. Hmm.

Yesterday I priced out the difference between six of the exact same products at two different on-line stores. The results were enlightening. I’ll call them Store “C” for the cheaper store and Store “E” for the more expensive store. If I would have bought these items at Store “E” using my rewards card instead of going to Store “C” where the items were cheaper, GET THIS, I would have paid $144 more but I would have received $20 off a future purchase at Store “E”! Does that sound logical to you? Me either. But I did this ALL the time back in the day. I just didn’t think about it. I wanted that free store money.

How many of you do this all the time? What are you so loyal to that you’ve never looked up to see what you’re actually paying and what you actually get in return. COME ON! There is a better way. A cheaper way. A way you can save more money instead of trying to win at THEIR game.

Now I know better. I shop around. My wife is great at this too. She looks for the best deals by hunting, and hunting, and hunting. She’s a great deal finder. I still shop at Store “E” sometimes. But it’s the exception rather than the rule. And yes, Store “E” sometimes has items that are less expensive than other places, but you need to shop around. Price shop and compare different places. Then pay with CASH. Cash is powerful. Get a discount by using real money. Cash is King! Try it. Brand Loyalty can be dangerous and expensive!

P.S. – So the non-important things that I am absolutely loyal to are: Star Trek, Baskin Robbins, and Pepsi. NOT Star Wars, Cold Stone, and Coke. Just an FYI in case you were wondering! 🙂

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