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Sand Paper -vs- A Calculator

Back Story: I had to take a semester of wood shop in junior high. I gotta say, I didn’t like it all that much. I wasn’t very good at it. To be frank, I thought it was stupid. I didn’t even finish my only project, which was a napkin holder. I found that class to be a waste of a semester for me. What if I had taken a personal finance class instead? I wonder how that would have changed my life? It’s a novel concept. Having classes that would teach how to save money, how investing and compound interest worked, and the dangers of debt! That would have been invaluable. And I’ll bet a lot of you are sitting there thinking “Well that’s all common sense. Everyone should know that already”. Maybe so, but how many of us are actually saving, investing correctly, and have NO debt?

So who’s responsible for the mistakes we make when it comes to our finances and what we’ve been taught? The schools? Our parents? The Media? NOPE. While they all have a lot of influence in what a person learns, they aren’t to blame for our actions now. I’ve taken responsibility for my own life, for my own mistakes, and for my own future.

If you want to learn what you should have been taught in school, then stay tuned. I’ll have future posts on personal finances, the basics that I’ve learned over the last few years and the mistakes I’ve made along the way. By re-learning the total opposite of what our culture teaches us about money you can change your family’s financial future. Join me while we explore this simply complex subject. You’ve just been challenged!

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  • Candace Watkins

    We all learn in different ways…from experiencing it ourselves normally 🙂 Making mistakes = growth….hopefully lol good post brother…you are inspiring!! 🙂

    • Thanks. I really didn’t like that class. And it’s been like 22 years! Lol.