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Power Off!



Technology is awesome these days. My dad asked me a while back if I remember telling him when I was younger how cool it would be if someday people could talk to each other and see that person on a screen or something. Video Phone! Now look at us. Video Chat, Skype, and FaceTime (my favorite). Looks like my prediction came true. Add to that iPods, iPads, iPhones, iMacs… We’ve gone iCrazy! Households have multiple computers and multiple cell phones, and multiple mobile devices (and maybe a pager or two might still out there)! Smart TV’s, TiVo & DVR’s that can record 4 TV shows at once. You can set up a recording of a show on a whim. Just access it on your smart phone. Mobile Internet. Remote car starters. Wireless printers. Buying anything you want, whenever you want, with just a few clicks (which is dangerous to your wallet so read my post called The Dangers of Loyalty). I know there is so much more out there, I haven’t even scratched the surface. Facebook, Blogs, Twitter. Everyone’s an expert and has an opinion! And all of that is at our finger tips. When we get the smallest inkling about anything, BAM, it’s we put it on the Internet. We’re so into what everyone else is saying on all the social media sites (which I thank you for reading my blog by the way), then it’s off to the entertainment circle to see what all the stars are doing, then we go to the news to get informed about the world around us, then maybe we’ll watch a little reality TV (reality…. yeah right), then it’s back to social media, and then whatever time and energy we have leftover is what our family will get. Something is out of whack.

There’s a disconnect. Families sitting at the dinner table all on their own devices. Playing games, checking everyone’s status, checking e-mail, text messaging, and having their ear buds in listening to music! Each one of the family are in different rooms of the house and someone will send a text message to another family member who’s in another room instead of, dare I say it, getting up and walking to the other person. How has technology changed us? We’ve been told that all this new and cool tech stuff would help us have more time! How’s that working for ya? Getting texts while you’re in the bathroom or in the middle of the night! And for some reason we feel obligated to answer it right away.

We need to unplug from the tech life and spend time in our real life. Switch the two around. We need a healthy balance. Technology is good, don’t get me wrong. I love my gadgets, gizmos, and doohickeys. I can’t imagine not having my iPhone. But just ask yourself how a new piece of technology will affect your behavior. How much time will it require from you? How much time will it steal? Is it really helping you? Sometimes less is more. Don’t forget about what your real priorities are (your family in case you needed a hint). And I don’t mean your Facebook family! Unplug one thing and plug-in to something else. Something that’ll make a difference long after all the fads have faded into the past and something new has taken its place. It will happen. So know when to power off…

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