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Please Take A Survey

Today, we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of you hearing from me; I want to hear from you. Your opinion means a lot to me. After all, the reason I have a blog is so that I might be able help you in some way with my thoughts, opinions, experience, and insight.

Doing a blog is a lot more difficult that I thought it would be. The technical stuff is only half the challenge. The other is knowing what to write and what things I should offer on the site.

So, I would like to respectfully ask you all to click on the link below and take a 6 question survey about this website, “Standing For More”. It will be quick and painless, I promise. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to try and improve the site and make it a better experience for everyone.

* * And please feel free to share my web address with everyone you know * *

 Please look around this website (if you haven’t already) and then take the survey! Thank you in advance for your help! I look forward to hearing from you.

* * * TAKE SURVEY NOW * * * 

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