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My Easter Lesson

My first post EVER…

Easter was just 5 days ago. It didn’t feel like Easter. In fact these days are so busy, that a lot of holidays don’t feel like what they’re “Supposed” to feel like. They sneak up on me and before I know it, it’s over. Well, Easter Day came and went. As I sat on our couch that evening, right before we started the bedtime routine with our kids, I started to write this post. Our routine needs some improvement. We should read each of them their own special story, have a great conversation with them one-on-one, pray individually with them, and then tuck them all in to their own beds. WELL… most nights it’s not like that at all. In fact, most nights just feel rushed to get them into bed as quickly as possible and avoid any distractions that might make the process take longer. All of that so we can have a little peace and quiet in our house for the first time since the sun came up (funny story behind that). Some nights go okay, while others seem to drag on. And when I finally sit down in the best recliner I’ve ever had, I sigh-a-sigh of relief that this day is over and now I can rest a bit.

Well, last Sunday was a little different. It started out like a typical Sunday. The boys woke up early. My wife and I finally rolled out of bed and got everyone ready for church. But it’s not just church today. No! It’s Easter Service. It’s more special. And the service started sooner than normal. We, of course, were just a little behind. And like so many other days, I found myself yelling at all three of the kids. What were those little angles doing to deserve a good yelling you might be asking? Well, I couldn’t tell you. Being loud like kids are, asking questions when my wife and I were trying to talk. I don’t remember. Pathetic I know. What I do remember is getting to church and during one of the songs thinking to my self “Dude. You just yelled at your kids, on the way to Church, for EASTER SERVICE. What is wrong with you?” Yelling is one of the biggest struggles I deal with and I’m constantly trying to change that about myself. I realized in that moment, in that special Easter Service, at our awesome Church (with our two boys in service with us I might add) that oh how I needed a savior who had to die on the cross for my sins and how blessed I am every day that I’m able to start over with a clean slate. To try to get it right this time around… or at least get a little better than the day before. Thank you God for sending your son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. Help me to keep trying every day for you, for myself, and for my family. I love you Lord. Happy Easter. He is Risen!

Favorite Quote-

If I screw up raising my kids, nothing I achieve will matter much. – Steve Martin in Cheaper by the Dozen (movie)

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  • Bravo, Mark! Yes, this life is a journey of learning and growing. Thankful for His grace!

    • Thanks Eileen! And thanks again for your help and advice!!!

  • A Very Nice And Honest,Sweet Story,loved it…
    Look Forward To More!

  • Dan Hust

    Timeless truths. Easy to read blog which I as a parent can relate to immediately. Congrats Mark. This could be the start of something good!!!

    • Thanks Dad… uh, I mean person I don’t know who was kind enough to comment on the post! Wink-Wink! 😉 Lol

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