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So, “My Easter Lesson” (see the post below this one) was my first post as you can tell. My long-term plan is to post at least once a week then increasing that to twice a week.

Every now and then, I’ll throw in some miscellaneous posts that do not pertain to the 3 main topics of my blog, which are Faith, Family, and Finance.  It’s nice to mix it up a bit. An example might be something about Star Trek, which is, you know, the best and most coolest thing in the whole wide world! Just saying!

But during the next week or so, I ‘ll try to post something new every day if I can. That way you won’t have to wait a week to read something new. Plus this will give my site some more content. Right now, it’s pretty light! Thanks for reading.

– Mark

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  • Heidi

    Two things that’ll never change- your love of Pepsi and Baskin Robbins 🙂

    • True that! I’ll have to add my other 2 loves in a future post as well! Thanks for the reminder!

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