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Being Thankful for the Challenge of Raising Children

Mother and Son face to face

Well, to kick off the new site, I thought it would be great to have a guest post by none other than my wife, Clarissa. Enjoy!

For Mark’s birthday, we had a friend offer to take Matthew, Noah, & Abigail for the night so that we could have some time to ourselves. I loved having some alone time with Mark. Loved the quiet moments just the two of us had. I felt blessed by the dreaming and goal-setting we did as a couple. Definitely enjoyed the things we can get done without the kids under our feet…you know, the constant calling for mommy or daddy, needing our ears to listen, vying for our attention, and needing our help for their very survival and existence. But I really missed our kids though.

As much as I enjoyed that time with just my husband, I also gained some perspective on how our life would be without those constant interruptions. Being a parent is definitely challenging, it definitely takes a willingness to set aside your goals and desires and really focus on those little ones that God has entrusted to you. They are learning how to take care of themselves, to try new things for themselves, and how to be themselves.

Who are they learning from?

The next time I’m sitting at home feeling interrupted by our children, I hope I remember this moment, when I’m missing them, missing being needed by them, and wondering most of all how they are doing out there without us. I hope I remember that each interruption, each cry, each need is an opportunity to teach them to be the unique individuals that they are becoming and to show them how much I love them. I hope I also remember that although having children is a challenge, life would be so boring without that challenge! They are a blessing.

Thank you God for the challenges of raising children!

What you are thankful for? Please leave a comment below!

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  • Kathy Clubb

    Hi Clarissa and Mark. I just jumped over from BYPU and I’m glad I stopped in to get a little glimpse of your family. It’s hard to raise a family these days; our children clamour for our attention, and the world is clamouring for THEIR attention. You two are so lucky to have each other. God bless you.

    • Thanks Kathy. I appreciate you checking out my site. I’m loving the BYPU community! The support and encouragement is great. And you are right: The world is clamoring for our children’s attention for sure! We need to keep standing up for what’s important! Thanks again for stoping by. – Mark

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