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Are You Being Generous in your Life?

Giving and being generous are essential to a good life. It’s biblical. Are you being generous in your life? I hope so! I know you must be thinking “Oh no, he’s doing another financial post”. But I’m not. This post will be in the category of Faith, because how we give and how generous we are can be a reflection of our faith. We don’t own anything. It all belongs to God. Our pastor, Pastor Andy, said one time that we get to lease our life and everything in it for like 80 or 90 years, if we’re lucky. I would like to add that we have the privilege and responsibility of also managing it (he might have said that too in his sermon but I wasn’t listening because I was writing down his first quote so that I wouldn’t forget it for this blog post. Sorry Pastor!).

In Malachi 3:10, God says to test him in this with the tithe. This is the only time in the Bible that God says to test him in any area. The tithe is the minimum you should give. But how about giving more than that. Like being generous in your giving to your church, to another ministry or charity, or giving a BIG tip at a restaurant just to make your server’s day. What about your time? We love our free time and horde it like a rare commodity. We are busy people going from here to there. Being pulled in a hundred different directions. And of course we’re busy watching some kind of electronic device every day (TV, computer, tablet, smart phone, ect…). According to research by Nielsen, the average american watches more than 41 hours a week on an electronic device. That’s a lot. So, in reality, we aren’t that busy if we can spend time on devices to what equals a full time job.

I’m guilty of this. I love my free time and I watch TV in the evening after our kids go to bed. If that routine is interrupted by our kids coming down, my wife wanting to discuss something, or the phone ringing and someone wants to talk to me, I get aggravated. I have to remind myself that life is about more than my TV time and that other people matter. I can’t be selfish with my time. We all need to carve out some time to serve others. Like in our church, in the community, or at our children’s school just to name a few. Or here’s a crazy idea… we need to serve our families and devote more of our time and energy into them. I need to remind myself of that when our 4 year old comes clomping down the stairs after bed time and then tries to hide behind my recliner. Like I couldn’t hear him coming down then stairs. It’s not like he’s quiet. He could not be a ninja at this stage of his life. Kids!

We can offer our time, our gifts/talents, and our money. Why does God tell us to be givers and to be generous? It’s because it changes something inside us. It helps us to be a little bit more like God’s Son, Jesus, who came to this earth to serve and not to be served. When we give and are generous it makes you a little more Christ like. And that of course, should be the ultimate goal of us all! Are you being generous in your life?

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. (Proverbs 11:25 NIV)

How are you generous with your life -OR- what area of your life would you like to be more generous with? Please leave a comment!

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