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“Angels” (watching over me)

Metal Piece 3

This is a long post. Bear with me. 

 When I was 18, I was driving home with my girlfriend (at the time) after visiting my mom on 4th of July. I’m cruising along a typical Southern California freeway, at night, around 9:00pm, in the left lane (aka “The Fast Lane”). And of course me being a cool 18-year-old So Cal guy, with a girl friend,  I was styling in the ever so awesome car, a 1979 Honda Prelude, rust color, with only like 2 gears, but yet it was an automatic. Don’t ask! Well at one point during the drive I decided I would change lanes. I was looking straight ahead and was about to turn on my turn signal. As I did, I thought I saw something in the air. It looked like a piece of paper. No big deal. So I glanced over my right shoulder at my blind spot, then looked straight again and just as I was turning the wheel…. CRASH! Or maybe it was a BOOM. I’m not sure of the actual sound, it happened so fast. It’s hard to put into words. All of a sudden the cabin of my car was filled up with what I thought was smoke. It was cloudy. I couldn’t see out my window. My girlfriend was freaking out. Now, I’ve never considered myself to be like those cool guys in the movies when disaster happens and they run into the danger and have a cool head, and make amazing saves of everyone they come in contact with. I wasn’t like Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation who was always cool under pressure. Maybe it’s because I had never been in a situation where I had to be. But, don’t worry, to my surprise, I kept my head. I rolled down my window and managed to pull onto the center divider, on that dark 4th of July night, on a busy Southern California freeway. 

 Well, once I stopped and turned off the car the smoke began to clear. Then I saw it. A hole in the lower part of my windshield. Right in the middle. It had to be about six inches in diameter at least. My dashboard had popped off and was laying on the passengers floorboard. The radio had popped out and was dangling by the wires. And on the back seat, right in front of my very cool Sony boom box, was a square metal thing. What we think happened was this small but heavy piece of metal (please see picture above. It weighed about 6 lbs!) had fallen off a truck and another vehicle must have run over it and flipped it up into the air. That’s what I think I saw when I said it was a piece of paper. Boy was I wrong. The metal piece then fell back down to earth, right toward my car. Almost like my car was acting as a magnet. Maybe because the natural color of my Prelude was rust, the metal piece thought it had finally found a kindred spirit, I don’t know. So it hit my windshields at an angle, then hit my dash-board, then went soaring between my girlfriend and I, and eventually landings in the back seat. It grazed my girlfriends left arm, leaving an abrasion.

 We eventually got home and all was well. The scary thing for me to think about as I laid in bed that evening and even to this day, is how close to dying I came that night. Because remember I was about to switch lanes. I had literally started to turn the wheel to my right. If the metal had hit my car only 1 second later, it would have hit me right in the face with the angle it was coming in at. Just a 6 inch difference would have changed the outcome of that night. Or, if I would have been just 6 inches to my left (toward the middle divider), my girlfriend would have been hit. But by the grace of God and His Angels, I was in the perfect position for the metal to pass right between us. Just a scrape on her arm was the only injury. Her mom and dad commended me on remaining so calm that night. 

 But 18 years ago, 6 inches and 1 second meant the difference between life and death. It’s crazy to think about. I was reminded of the Amy Grant song “Angels” (watching over me). If you haven’t heard that song before or it’s been a while, I encourage you to take a listen. Ask yourself how close you come to disaster everyday. How many times has God watched out for you? How many times have your Angels protected you? More than we want to think about I’m sure. And I don’t want you to be freaked out or paranoid everyday that somethings going to happen to you. Remember my post about “Fear is Powerful“? FEAR NOT the Bible says. The point here is to be grateful you have a God, a Heavenly Father, who is watching out for you all the days of your life. He’s got your back. He has personal body guards watching out for you 24/7. They don’t take breaks, they don’t grow tired, they are dedicated to you because God wishes it. Never forget to thank God everyday for what you have and for having another day to be alive. It truly is a gift. 


“If your asking what’s protecting me, your gonna hear me say:

 Got His angels watching over me, every move I make,

Angles watching over me!

Angels watching over me, every step I take,

Angels watching over me….

… Though I never see with human eyes the hands that lead me home…” 

 – Amy Grant song “Angels”


For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. (Psalms 91:11 NLT)


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  • Colleen B.

    I always loved that song, Mark. Especially the lyric “though I never see with human eyes the hands that lead me home.” (I miss Amy Grant!) Thanks for the great reminder that our God is ever faithful in His watch over us. So glad you’re still with us!

    • Thanks Aunt Colleen! I’m glad as well! I found that metal piece at my work a few weeks ago and the memory of that night came flooding back. It’s crazy how our minds work, remembering so many details 18 years later! Thanks for reading my Blog. I really appreciate! Love and miss you!

  • Anonymous

    Such a powerful testimony of God’s grace & mercy! <3

  • Holly

    It was a miracle you weren’t hurt. Love you so much Mark!

    • Thanks Mom and a miracle indeed! Love you too!

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